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Save Money With Preventative Maintenance On Heavy Equipment

by: Niece Equipment / January 5, 2018

Water trucks, fueler trucks, and fuel & lube trucks are not cheap equipment. Nor are the repairs. Back in the 50s operators experienced fewer breakdowns because they also knew how to maintain their vehicles. Since then, breakdown rates have soared from 20% to 60%. This is because most operators rely solely on the mechanic to maintain and repair their equipment.

Operators of water trucks and other heavy equipment have a big job on their hands so knowing the in’s and out’s of each vehicle is asking a lot. But training operators on the basics of preventative maintenance can have a big impact on your bottom line. If fleet managers and owners provided basic training for their operators on preventative maintenance, they could reduce overall repair bills by 25%.

This will save money in the long run and:

  • Provide a safer working environment
  • Reduce the number of large repair bills
  • Extend the life of heavy equipment and machinery
  • Maintain the efficiency of heavy equipment
  • Improve resale value
  • Reduce unexpected breakdowns

Basic Training Program

A training program for operators of heavy equipment doesn’t need to be a week-long, detailed inspection of every part of the vehicle. All it needs to cover is:

  • Basic knowledge of tightening, lubing, and cleaning key parts of the equipment
  • How to detect and inspect deficiencies before the breakdown occurs
  • Overall understanding of how their equipment operates

Implementing a training program for operators of water trucks can seem daunting but a properly trained operator can detect 70-75% of potential breakdowns and repairs. Each one of these elements will give an operator a robust understanding of how their equipment should work therefore making it easier to correct, maintain, and extend the life of your equipment. Operators can also communicate better with mechanics, reducing repair time.

Keep Records

Whether your company can implement a preventative maintenance training program, keeping records can be beneficial. Place a notebook in each cab for operators to note any problems they experience. They can also keep track of any weird noises, vibrations, or any other observations.

This will help operators who don’t work in the same vehicle every day be aware of issues or to keep an eye out for potential problems. Also, keep track of past and upcoming repairs and service operations. This way, owners and managers can stay on top of routine maintenance on large trucks.

Buy Heavy Equipment Parts From A Trusted Source

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Start Saving Money

Preventative maintenance on heavy equipment like water trucks, fuel trucks, and fuel & lube trucks is a necessity to extend the life and reduce unexpected breakdowns. While it seems costly to implement a training program or take equipment to a mechanic regularly, in the long run, it will save money. To learn more about preventative maintenance on Niece equipment or other heavy machinery, give us a call at 888-643-2372 or email us at

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