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Meet the Niece NFR400 Fuel and Lube Truck

by: Niece Equipment / June 29, 2023

A fuel and lube truck, also known as a service truck, is primarily used to support heavy equipment and machinery in industries such as construction, mining, and forestry. Its purpose is to provide fuel, lubricants, and other necessary fluids to keep your fleet of heavy equipment operating efficiently.

Fuel and lube trucks are equipped with various compartments and tanks that store different types of fluids, including diesel fuel, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, grease, and more. These trucks are designed to carry a large quantity of these fluids, ensuring that equipment can be fueled and lubricated on-site, without the need to return to a centralized refueling or maintenance facility. 

The truck typically contains dispensing systems, such as pumps, reels, and hoses, which allow operators to easily transfer fluids to the equipment that needs servicing. This helps in reducing downtime and increasing productivity by eliminating the need for equipment to travel long distances for refueling or lubrication. All maintenance can be done directly on your job site.

In addition to providing fuel and lubricants, fuel and lube trucks often come equipped with other features like air compressors, grease guns, and waste oil collection systems. These additional capabilities allow for routine maintenance tasks such as tire inflation, greasing of bearings, and the removal of used oil or other waste fluids.

Our Niece NFR400 (Fast Response) Fuel and Lube trucks are designed to respond to a situation quickly. The open-access flatbed platform provides immediate access to all tools and servicing systems. Armed with a 400-gallon fuel tank made of 3/16" A36 carbon steel, 1 1/2" Graco Husky 1050 pump, 1 1/2" x 50' hose reel and hose, and a GPI fuel meter, refueling your equipment will happen quickly and efficiently. The Lube system is comprised of an IR 29 CFM air compressor with a 14 H.P. engine and 30-gallon air tank, (3) 75-gallon oil product tanks, (1) 100-gallon waste oil tank, and a 120lb grease station.

Security and safety are also built-in with (4) exterior 50-watt work lights and (3) lockable tool cabinets with lighting, and a rear control panel with an emergency shut-off switch.

Niece Equipment has been manufacturing fuel and lube trucks of all sizes for decades. With equipment like this, maintaining your fleet of heavy equipment will be a breeze and maximize your uptime. At Niece Equipment, we offer a multitude of fuel and lube trucks such as the: NFL3000’sNFL1000’s, NFL2000’s, NFL10000’s, and much more. Call today for more information or assistance with any of your fuel, fuel and lube, or water tanker needs.