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How To Recruit Skilled Workers In The Construction Industry

by: Niece Equipment / October 1, 2018

There is no shortage of jobs in the construction industry as a strong economy, tax cuts, and regulatory cuts have all increased optimism. But filling those jobs is another story. The construction industry took a huge hit after the financial crisis in 2008. Since then, companies have been struggling to fill the labor shortage.

The shortage of construction workers has been very taxing on the industry as it slows down projects and increases workloads. Some companies even lose out on bids because they know they don’t have the manpower to complete a job.

Finding qualified and skilled workers is a difficult task hiring managers undertake. And while you don’t need a CDL to drive our NWT2000 water truck or our fast response NFR600, several of our trucks require certain qualifications to drive.

We’ve put together a list of ways construction companies can outsmart the labor shortage and build up their team of hardworking talent.

Focus On Your Current Team


It’s easy to spend more time recruiting skilled workers than focusing on what you have. But your current employees should always be your number one priority.

If you miss the signs that your current team is unhappy then you’ll start having an even bigger shortage. Happy and satisfied employees work harder and can also recruit people by word-of-mouth. Sweeten the pot for your current employees by offering referral bonuses.

Widen Your Net

It’s important to post jobs online so you can reach a large audience. It’s even more important (and more effective) to meet candidates in person. When’s the last time your company went to a high school job fair? College job fair?

Talking to students in high school and college can open their eyes to multiple career paths in the construction industry. You can also start networking with job training programs so they can send you their top talent!

Create A Training Program

Home Depot has committed $50 million to skilled trade training. They recognize the labor shortage and are doing something about it. Creating a training program for your construction business can provide advanced training for your current staff and beginner training for new members.

You can also create an apprenticeship program that encourages the younger generation to learn the trade.

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Check References

Red flags are often missed when we are desperately seeking workers. Applicants can take advantage of your desperation by lying on their applications. Make sure to check applicants references before extending a job offer. It costs more money and time to onboard a new employee who you later have to fire because they don’t have the proper credentials or background to operate heavy machinery like the NFL3000 Fuel & Lube Truck or NWT2000 Water Truck.  Be patient and don’t rush through the interview process or it can bite you in the butt later.

Be Patient

Everyone in the construction industry is struggling to find skilled and qualified labor. It’s more important than ever to encourage young people to look into a trade school than a traditional Bachelor’s degree. The need for better infrastructure, more housing, and more commercial space is growing. And while it stings to lose bids because you don’t have enough workers, it’s better to patient and wait for the right talent.