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3 Ways to Run Your Mine More Efficiently

by: Niece Equipment / November 20, 2019

Niece Equipment 20,000 Gallon Rigid Frame Water Truck

Running and maintaining operations at a mine is a tall task for anyone. If you couple the general logistics of the job with a poor system for maintenance, you and your mine are headed for failure. We know what goes into improving mine efficiency. Because we've had to fix many of the problems which have arisen as a result of not implementing some of these suggestions. You may take a step back and think a lot of this is common sense, and to a degree, it is, but if you create a plan based around these ideas and implement accordingly, you will see morale start to boost and efficiency improve in areas you may not have expected.

Preventive Maintenance

Most mines employ some system of preventive maintenance, but your procedures may need an overhaul when you look at it from a top-level perspective. We see time and time again operations involving maintenance in the place of the equipment itself rather than a specific place to perform the maintenance. Most of this work takes place either between shifts or at night. As these shifts come to a close or you close down for the night, it makes a lot of sense to rally up all the equipment in one spot and run through the maintenance for each in a rapid-fire succession. This process obviously can’t be done for tracked machines due to the nature of the equipment. If neither of these options fit, lunch breaks and off days can provide a window of opportunity as well. We know it’s all about uptime for your production machines, that’s why Niece offers maintenance packages for our dedicated fuel and lube trucks which greatly improve your production machine availability.

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Water for Dust Control

Both mines and quarries need water for dust control. The faster you can run your water trucks through the areas requiring dust control, the less hazardous your work area will be. Rigid frame trucks and articulated trucks are used to disperse the water to control the dust. Articulated trucks (for the smaller areas — load out areas — of your mine) top out at about 20-25 mph. The rigid frame trucks top out at about 40 mph and cover haul roads very well. We have seen haul roads totaling more than 20 miles from quarry to crusher, but most aren’t that long. Nonetheless, having these impressive speeds to control the dust in your mine and on your roads can greatly improve efficiency overall.

Timely Fueling

Managing fleet vehicles, construction equipment, generators, tanks and more can be very challenging logistically. On-site fueling services and storage tanks can save thousands of dollars in labor costs over the lifetime of your project while keeping your machinery on the road. Less time waiting for fuel means more time to work and get the necessary tasks done on-site. Niece’s fuel and lube trucks are built to deliver efficiently and predictably, every time. Our features and performance benefits can be relied upon from start to finish and each piece of machinery is custom-designed to improve convenience and efficiency.